Where is there anyone as mighty as you Lord?  FAITHFULNESS is your very CHARACTER, it’s who you are!  Powerful is your arm and mighty is your hand.  You are lifted high in splendor and majesty!  You are enthroned on high, exalted above all things, greater than all things!  The shouts of praise and adoration surround your very throne!  You are the highest of them all!  Everyone stares and admires your faithfulness because there’s no other but you!   You exceed them all!  Your greatness and faithfulness pour out like oil all around us!  You faithfully hold us securely and tightly!  We don’t ever want to escape the joy of your presence and pleasures of living with you every day of our life!  We find so much pleasure in your unwavering reputation!  Your reputation NEVER changes and your WAYS are constant and consistent.  The most trustworthy, honest, and the most dependable.  You never fail!  You will always remain the same. Faithful, Faithful, Faithful!!  This is who you are!!  

By Stephanie Jones