Our Services

 We are committed to equipping and empowering individuals through a variety of transformative services. Our goal is to foster spiritual growth, develop strong leaders, and extend our reach globally. Explore our key services designed to help you deepen your faith and impact the world:

Discipleship Coaching

Discipleship Coaching provides personalized guidance and support to enhance your faith journey. Our experienced coaches offer biblical insights, practical advice, and constant encouragement, which is crucial as you deepen your relationship with Jesus and fulfill your calling. 

Discipleship Classes

Our classes are specifically crafted to nurture and transform you into a true follower of Christ through Biblical teachings. They aim to ignite a fervent desire within you to emulate the works of Jesus. Additionally, our curriculum encourages you to adopt and flourish in a supernatural lifestyle, integrating the miraculous into everyday life. 

International Ministry

Our International Ministry takes the love of Christ far beyond our local community, reaching out to people across the globe. Through mission trips, partnerships, and support for global initiatives, we aim to spread the Gospel, provide humanitarian aid, and empower local leaders. Additionally, we want to invite you to go with us to the bigger field, where you can put everything you have learned into practice. 

Leadership Development

Utilizing John Maxwell’s leadership material to empower your leadership skills.

 Empowered for the Supernatural

We are confident that our services will help activate all the gifts of the Holy Spirit within you, empowering you to impact the world significantly. Are you ready to unlock the river of God’s power flowing through you? Contact us today and take the first step towards a transformative journey.