In the presence of God’s greatness Who can compare to Your power and might? Your very essence is woven with faithfulness, defining your character! Your arm is mighty, your hand powerful. You rule with magnificent splendor and majesty, seated aboveContinue Reading

body of water with mountains on side

I’m so forgetful, but you always remind me that you’re the only one who brings me Peace.  You quiet me in the storm.  You are the Prince of Peace. You are Jehovah Shalom.  Jehovah Shammah, you are always there.  YouContinue Reading

Who can compare to the majesty of God? Who can match the marvel of Your name? Is there anyone? Can anything come close? I search, I seek, and all I find are the deepest cries echoing from within my soul,Continue Reading

In Your presence is an overwhelming stillness, a sanctuary of safety, a boundless peace, and deep comfort that consumes me. I find myself rooted in place, unable to move, as Your security infuses every essence of my being. It’s contagious—aContinue Reading

Oh, how my soul aches to know You even more! This insatiable longing, this profound desire to know You, is unrelenting. As I immerse myself in the sacred pages of Your Word, my heart swells with an even greater yearning.Continue Reading