Where is there anyone as mighty as you Lord?  FAITHFULNESS is your very CHARACTER, it’s who you are!  Powerful is your arm and mighty is your hand.  You are lifted high in splendor and majesty!  You are enthroned on high, exalted above all things, greater than all things!  The shouts of praise and adoration surroundContinue Reading

Today, I asked the Holy Spirit to possess every part of me AGAIN and continue to teach me how-to walk-in friendship with him. And he replied, I have been waiting for this moment, I have seen it, anticipated it and longed for this.  Thank you for opening up this friendship toContinue Reading

I’m so forgetful but you always remind me that you’re the only one who brings me Peace.  You quiet me in the storm.  You are the Prince of Peace. You are Jehovah Shalom.  Jehovah Shammah you are always there.  You comfort me in times of need, You bottle all myContinue Reading

Who is like the Lord?  Who even compares to your Marvelous Name?  Is there anyone?  Can anything or anyone even compare?  I search and investigate, looking and seeking. All I hear are the loudest of cries from the deepest wells within my heart. ROARING out, BELLOWING out, there’s no other name, there’s no otherContinue Reading

Such stillness, such safety, such peace, and comfort resound from your being, your presence!  I stand here unable to move because your safety and stillness permeate every fiber of who I am.  It’s contagious.  It’s a soft delicate place.  Quiet, gentle, and calm.  You exceed any other and you’re the most consistent, unchanging, unwavering oneContinue Reading

Oh, how I long to know you even more!  I can’t escape this desire, this overwhelming feeling of wanting more!   When I soak in the pages of your word, it makes me crave you even more.  The words jump off the pages straight into my heart and I find myself desiring and groaningContinue Reading

From the tables of my heart: This is my visit to the throne room today: I walk into the throne room with the Lord Jesus hand in hand, I come boldly and stand in front of the throne, and look up unto my heavenly father, and I tell him IContinue Reading