Heaven Touches Earth!

“God’s kingdom isn’t just a lot of words. It is power.” 1 Corinthians 4:20

The Kingdom of God is at hand, advancing through those willing to partner with the Holy Spirit in faith and obedience. It’s a reality we can experience here on Earth. And just as Jesus fed those who were spiritually hungry, cast out demons, and healed the sick, He still does it today.

During our recent trip to Asia, we saw the Holy Spirit move with great power, touching the hearts of the people, including children. Many children, as young as eight, were describing sensations of God’s love and a fiery presence within them. God’s glory was so tangible that it resembled the experience described in 1 Kings 8:11, where the priests could not stand to minister due to the cloud, for the glory of the LORD filled the house of the LORD. God visited His people, liberating many from demonic oppression, bringing physical and spiritual healing, and affirming Jesus as King while exposing the devil as a liar. 

We witnessed one woman who had been deaf from birth receive healing and experience the miracle of hearing for the first time. In addition, many individuals were touched by the Holy Spirit and confessed their sins as they felt Jesus’ lovingkindness. Word of these miraculous events spread swiftly across the region, drawing increasing numbers to what became locally known as the ‘Women’s Miracle Conference.’

The fervent desire for Jesus was palpable, with many attendees braving rain and treacherous terrain, crossing mountains and rivers to reach the services. Their desperation for God created an atmosphere in which Heaven was open. Their passion moved the heart of heaven and reminded us that no matter what obstacles we face, we can always rely on the Holy Spirit to help us overcome any situation with His power and strength.