In the presence of God's greatness

Who can compare to Your power and might? Your very essence is woven with faithfulness, defining your character! Your arm is mighty, your hand powerful. You rule with magnificent splendor and majesty, seated above all, surpassing all in greatness. Surrounding your throne are resounding shouts of praise and adoration, for you stand highest above all. All who gaze upon you are struck by your unwavering faithfulness—there is truly none like you! You excel above all others! Your magnificence envelops us like a fragrant oil. You hold us securely, wrapping us in your loving embrace. We never want to depart from the joy of your presence or the daily delights of living with you. In you, we find our deepest pleasure. You are unchanging, and your ways are forever steadfast. You are the epitome of trustworthiness, honesty, and dependability. You never falter. Forever constant, forever the same. Faithful! This is who you are, Mighty God!

Stephanie Jones