Who is like the Lord?  Who even compares to your Marvelous Name?  Is there anyone?  Can anything or anyone even compare?  I search and investigate, looking and seeking. All I hear are the loudest of cries from the deepest wells within my heart. ROARING out, BELLOWING out, there’s no other name, there’s no other name!  I stand amazed at your glory and splendor.  I stand in deepest awe of your wondrous presence.  I stand in awe of your steadfast nature.  For who is like you and who can even compare to you?   I roll out the red carpet with a display of glimmering lights as I get ready to introduce and announce:  The King of Kings!  My breathtaking-remarkable Savior- Behold, Behold, Behold, the precious Lamb of God, so full of beauty, so full of glory, so full of brilliance, so full of wonder, so full of majesty, so full of greatness, so full of goodness, and radiance.  Your mercy is far reaching, your love is like cascading waterfalls, you are high and lifted up above every name in heaven and earth and your name is the most glorious wonderful name.  HIS NAME IS JESUS!!!

By: Stephanie Jones