In Your presence is an overwhelming stillness, a sanctuary of safety, a boundless peace, and deep comfort that consumes me. I find myself rooted in place, unable to move, as Your security infuses every essence of my being. It’s contagious—a sanctuary of delicate quiet, gentle, and calm. You surpass all others; the most consistent, unchanging, and unwavering presence I have ever encountered!

I am utterly absorbed by Your consistency—never failing, never wavering, never moved or shaken. You are the epitome of strength, the embodiment of power, fierce and transcendent. Forever exalted! Forever mighty! Forever victorious! Words falter; they cannot capture the fullness of what stirs in my heart. This yearning for You transcends understanding and goes beyond anything that can be naturally described. It is an intense, overpowering longing—a deep, insatiable craving for You alone!