Oh, how I long to know you even more!  I can’t escape this desire, this overwhelming feeling of wanting more!   When I soak in the pages of your word, it makes me crave you even more.  The words jump off the pages straight into my heart and I find myself desiring and groaning for more of you.  Oh, how I yearn for you and think about you all day long.  You are always on my mind and in my heart.  I can’t escape.  I’m like a prisoner wrapped up in you so tightly. I want to remain in this place forever, learning, seeking, and loving you more and more.  The desire to know you is so overwhelming, to be with you, and to see you. I long to stand before you, my eyes gazing upon you, my heart and hands lifted up to you, as my heart pours out bountiful affections and love for you and you alone!  It’s so overwhelming, that I get lost in who you are. I don’t want it to end. My tears are tears of longing for more. Oh how they flow and stream from my eyes because I want more!  So much more!   I can’t get enough of you Lord Jesus!  

By: Stephanie Jones