Who can compare to the majesty of God? Who can match the marvel of Your name? Is there anyone? Can anything come close? I search, I seek, and all I find are the deepest cries echoing from within my soul, resounding loudly, proclaiming, ‘There is no other name! There is no other name!’ I am utterly captivated by Your glory and splendor. I stand in profound awe of Your wondrous presence, Your unchanging nature.

For who is like You? Who can even begin to measure up to You? The King of Kings! Remarkable Savior! Precious Lamb of God, You are a tapestry of beauty, glory, brilliance, wonder, majesty, and goodness. Your mercy extends beyond the horizons; Your love cascades like mighty waterfalls. You are exalted above all, reigning supreme over heaven and earth. Your name, JESUS, is the most glorious and wonderful of all.

Every mention of Your name brings forth the richness of Your grace and the assurance of Your mighty power.

Stephanie Jones