From Bondage to Freedom!

The Struggle

Have you ever found yourself skipping meals all day, only to become very hungry in the evening and night? I used to until I realized how much it affected my health and spiritual life. Eating right before bed left me feeling sluggish and drained, sapping my energy for the next day. It was a vicious cycle that I couldn’t seem to break. To make matters worse, it led to poor sleep, nightmares, indigestion, restlessness, and night sweats. I felt miserable and groggy each morning. Despite the discomfort, I continued this habit out of routine. As I got older, I noticed weight gain and even more disrupted sleep. Feeling almost helpless under the control of this pattern, I reached a point of desperation for change and relief.

The Solution

One day, the idea of fasting crossed my mind, and I couldn’t shake the idea. As the days passed, the thought persisted, growing stronger until I was convinced that fasting could be my pathway to freedom. Determined, I decided to embark on a 30-day fast. Aware of the challenges ahead, I mentally prepared myself, especially since I had never attempted such an extended fast or given up something so significant to my daily routine. The thought of giving up eating at night was uncomfortable, knowing the challenges I would face. A few weeks later, I began the fast, committing not to eat anything after 6 pm—the very time I usually enjoyed my dinner and favorite treats.

The Process

The initial days of the fast were particularly tough. I found myself questioning my decision as I craved snacks, chips, and all the wonderful foods I was accustomed to enjoying at night. During this time, I realized how my late-night eating habits had been distracting me from prayer and engaging with the Word of God. However, after enduring the discomfort for about four to five days, I began to feel slightly better. With renewed energy and the ability to focus, I started incorporating dedicated prayer and study times. The first few weeks were challenging, but gradually, it became easier to maintain the fast and my newfound routines.

The Transformation

When I finally reached the 30-day mark, I realized that the hold food had over me was gone—I was completely free. The constant cravings had disappeared, and I felt a profound sense of liberation. My sleep improved, the night sweats ceased, and I began to lose weight. The power it once wielded over me was no more. Now, years later, I remain free. I can even choose to enjoy a light snack after 6 PM if I wish because food no longer enslaves me.

Today, I want to encourage you. If you feel controlled by any area of your life, remember that the same God who delivered me is also ready to deliver you. Fasting is a supernatural gift that can help you break free from negative habits. Isaiah 58 highlights the benefits of fasting, including breaking bad habits.

Fasting Works

Let me also share my testimony from 2021, when I struggled with a new onset of persistent bloating and digestive issues. Eating anything made me feel bloated and uncomfortable, a frustration I endured for years. Eventually, I suspected that my excessive coffee consumption might be the culprit. Despite my deep love for coffee, my desperation for relief compelled me to consider a change. That’s when I decided to fast from coffee for 30 days, hoping to break free from its hold over my life.

Honestly, I struggled and didn’t want to give up coffee!  But I was desperate, so I committed to fasting for 30 days from coffee. The first three days were incredibly tough, and I experienced severe withdrawal symptoms from the caffeine, which left me with no energy. But after a few weeks, I began to feel better, and my stomach was no longer bloating. I prayed and meditated on the Word of God, and after 30 days, I continued to abstain from coffee. The digestive issues disappeared, and my stomach is now completely healed. I can now eat normal food without discomfort because Jesus set me free.

Fasting Will Transform Your Life

Fasting transcends mere spiritual discipline; it serves as a gateway to profound healing. By relinquishing the things we hold onto, such as my own attachment to coffee, we open ourselves to receive from God. This act of surrender unlocks powerful healing and restoration beyond our physical ailments. If you’re seeking transformation or healing, consider fasting as a means to deepen your dependence on God’s strength. Embrace the gift of fasting and discover how it can revolutionize both your life and your relationship with the Spirit of God.

Stephanie Jones