In One of my discipleship classes on Zoom, 40% of the participants were from Malaysia and were married through a marriage agency. This means a poor family in Vietnam was willing to let their daughter marry someone they’d never seen or met before. The men they marry could be old in age, have mental health concerns, could be involved with drugs, or other dangerous situations. Because of the type of marriage, they haven’t really experienced what we would call a normal marriage with emotional connection, love, relationship, and communication. They feel like strangers in their homes. Through the classes, they could open up and share their stories. One shared how she works fifteen hours daily, comes home extremely exhausted, and still has to serve the family. On top of that, all the money she makes goes to her husband. Several of the ladies feel like they’re slaves in their own homes. Even under these challenging and difficult circumstances, these ladies have so much joy, confidence, and hope that God will use them and bring salvation to the whole family.

I really admire these ladies because I don’t know if I could handle these situations. Not only did they handle it, but they had a strong desire to love until they saw the hand of God move and their prayers answered. Even though I was the one ministering to them, they actually ministered to me. Thanks to their story it has shown me the true power of God, and this is really an example of living a supernatural life.