There was a long period of time where I wouldn’t eat all day long and then would get really hungry in the evening and night. That’s when I would start eating, right before bed.  I would feel lethargic, tired, and little energy to do anything.  It started to affect praying and time in the word.  As time went on, I was recognizing that I wasn’t feeling good at night.  I was having trouble sleeping, nightmares, heart burn, restless, night sweats, and just felt miserable.  In the morning, I always felt groggy.  I continued to eat at night despite the side effects. It had become a pattern and habit.  As I got a bit older, I noticed I was gaining weight, my sleep was even more effected, and I was extremely miserable.  I almost felt helpless because this pattern had ALOT of control over me.  I didn’t know how in the world I was going to change or fix the problem, but I was desperate. 

One day, a thought came to me about fasting.  I thought about it for little while, and as the days went by, the thought of fasting kept ringing in my mind.  I kept sensing it would be the option to freedom, so I began to prepare myself for a 30 day fast.  I had to prepare my mind because I had never done a 30 day fast before, let alone give up the very thing I loved.  I was scared because I knew it was going to be very challenging.  A few weeks later, I started the fast.  The fast consisted of not eating anything at all after 6pm since that’s when I ate my dinner and everything else.  The first few days into the fast, I was so uncomfortable!   I thought, what have I done?  I was craving food, chips, and all the wonderful delicious assortment of things I would eat at night.  During the fast, I came to realize that eating after 6pm had become such a distraction and time thief from prayer and the word of God.  After about 4-5 days into it, I started to feel just a little bit better so I started to incorporate prayer and study time since I was able to focus and had some energy.  I struggled for the first few weeks, but after that, it seemed like things got so much easier.   Finally, I reached the 30 day mark, and I remember noticing that whatever had control of me, was no longer there. It was completely broken off and I knew I had been set free.  I had no cravings for food, no desire for food after 6pm and continued to maintain not eating after 6pm.  I was finally free.  I was so thrilled!  I started sleeping extremely well, the night sweats stopped, I started losing weight, and I felt so much better when I woke up.  This thing had no more control over me!  It was broken off for good.  And many years later, I’m still free!   I can now choose to have a light snack after 6 if I want to, because I’m no longer a slave to the food. 

I encourage you today.  If there’s an area in your life where you feel like it’s controlling you, the same God that delivered me, can deliver you.  Fasting works!  Isaiah 58 talks about fasting and one of the rewards of fasting is bad habits WILL BE BROKEN!   

I also have to testify of this as well.  This year 2021, I got so fed up with years of bloating and digestive issues.  I couldn’t eat anything because everything bothered my stomach and made me bloat.  I hated it.  I struggled with it for years.  But this year, I kept sensing that I needed to fast from coffee.  You have to understand, I was drinking a ton of coffee per day and had been doing it for years.  I LOVE COFFEE, more than food actually.  But I kept sensing this was the problem and I needed to fast.  Well, I really struggled with this one!  But, I was desperate again, so I fasted for 30 days from coffee.  Oh my goodness, the first three days were horrible.  I had extreme withdrawal symptoms and had zero energy.  After a few weeks, my stomach started to feel so much better. I prayed and meditated on the word and after the 30 days, I continue to be free from coffee and the digestive issues have stopped.  No more bloating!  I can eat normal food!  My stomach is healed!!  Thank you Jesus!

By Stephanie Jones