“There is an appointed and proper time for everything, and there is a season for every purpose and every matter under heaven.” Ecclesiastes 3:1

Beloved, the world may seem uncertain, but rest assured, God’s timing is consistently perfect. We want to encourage you to take heart, for in every season of life, your Heavenly Father knows exactly what you need.

He Sees What You Cannot

He sees what your eyes cannot perceive and knows what your heart may not understand. Even in the face of challenges, He is diligently orchestrating events in accordance with His ordained plan. You can find true peace and inner strength in the knowledge that He has not forsaken you. Never doubt that He is always on time. He’s never late in fulfilling His promises.

Our recent trip to Cambodia speaks volumes about the incredible ways in which God operates. We had no plans of returning to Cambodia until November. However, we felt compelled by the Holy Spirit to make an earlier trip to help the church deal with some unexpected conflict and spiritual warfare, as well as some personal deliverance sessions. Though we didn’t see the full picture of what God wanted us to do, we chose to obey. Thanks to that obedience, we saw the depth of God’s love and mercy on His children. We also encountered the power of God in the midst of demonic activity and welcomed home four new believers.

God knows your future

During one of our deliverance sessions, we met with a local pastor who had fallen into sexual sin. He struggled to get free, so he reached out to other leaders for help but received rejection. While we walked him and his wife through the session, he started tearing up and sharing with us a dream he had four years ago – a dream where he embarked on a lonely journey, abandoned by friends who not only deserted him but also ridiculed him. With each step, his backpack grew heavier, and he found himself on a shrinking island, drowning, crying for help, only to be met with laughter. Confused by the dream, God told him, “I’m going to send a 38-year-old Vietnamese woman to rescue you.”

At the time, the dream’s meaning eluded him as life appeared to be going well. But now, his dream had become a reality, and he recognized Mei as the person sent by God to help him. At that moment, we felt the overwhelming presence of God invade the room. We experienced God’s merciful kindness pursuing this man who was drowning in sin. What’s even more astonishing is that just two weeks before our trip, Mei had a dream where she rescued a person drowning.

Sharing the blessings

Overjoyed with his newfound freedom, the next day, he gathered around thirty other pastors and leaders who were grappling with discouragement and bondage. In God’s kindness and mercy, we ministered to them. Now, they have unified and plan to gather monthly for prayer and keep each other accountable.