Oh, how my soul aches to know You even more! This insatiable longing, this profound desire to know You, is unrelenting. As I immerse myself in the sacred pages of Your Word, my heart swells with an even greater yearning. Your words leap from the pages, striking deep into my soul, stirring an intense craving. Throughout the day, thoughts of You linger in my mind, etched into my heart; I am utterly captivated, unable to escape. Captured by Your presence, I am like a willing captive, entwined so closely with You that I never want to end this sacred communion. I yearn not just to know You, but, to behold You face to face. My eyes long to gaze upon Your splendor, my heart and hands lifted in adoration, pouring out endless love for You and You alone. The intensity of my affection is so overpowering that I find myself lost in the essence of who You are. My tears cascade like streams of deep longing, reflecting my desire to know You more. I crave to know so much more of You, Lord Jesus! I cannot get enough!

Stephanie Jones