Such stillness, such safety, such peace, and comfort resound from your being, your presence!  I stand here unable to move because your safety and stillness permeate every fiber of who I am.  It’s contagious.  It’s a soft delicate place.  Quiet, gentle, and calm.  You exceed any other and you’re the most consistent, unchanging, unwavering one I have ever known!  I get immersed in how consistent you are, NEVER failing, NEVER wavering, NEVER moved or shaken!  You are the strongest, most powerful, fierce, and all surpassing one!  Forever lifted high!  Forever strong!  Forever victorious!  Exceeding all words and description!  There are no words that can express what’s truly in my heart!  All I know is this yearning for you is beyond comprehension, beyond anything natural that could ever be described.  It’s an intense overpowering longing and craving FOR YOU!   

By: Stephanie Jones