Kieu, one of my disciple’s, was born in poverty and wanted to have a better life for her future, but nothing seemed to be of help; until one day, a marriage agency offered her family some money to help them change Kieu’s life by allowing her to marry a foreigner. When she heard this, she was filled with hope and thought, this is my chance to have a better life. Upon her arrival to the new country, she was shocked to learn that the man she married was the head leader of a violent gang, and a drug dealer. The dream of her wonderful new life suddenly disappeared into thin air; until she met Jesus. Recently, She shared how she overcame her sorrow and pain with the people in one of my zoom classes– that there were so many times she wanted to run away but the word of God came to her mind- “if someone is hungry feed them, if thirsty give them a drink, if a stranger invite them in, if naked clothe them, if sick care for them, and if in prison visit them” – Mathew 25. She started seeing her husband as the hungry prisoner who needed to be clothed with kindness and nourishment.

Instead of running away and sulking in self-pity, Kieu trusted God and began to support, feed, serve and tell her husband how wonderful, and handsome he was. Even though he continued to say mean things and abuse her, she continued to speak life into him, trust God, and obey his word faithfully by loving her husband until supernatural love flowed through her so naturally without even trying. She also shared —she had to protect her family from the spirit of separation and destruction, and recognized the need to fight for her future generation so divorce didn’t come in by standing firm on God’s promises and closing this door. 

After 10 years of putting her trust in Jesus, her determination and persistence paid off. Her husband is a new man now, and is changed by the power of Jesus!